Hello, I am Selena!

I am a freelance Commercial Coordinator, Producer, part time Pre Pro Book critic

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Shannon Williams

Bose x Gen G: Musicians who Game Ep. 4


Line Producer

El Pollo Loco


ArtClass Content

Commercial Coordinator

Michael Phelps

Panasonic: Green Impact

Infinite Media

Commercial Coordinator

Toyota Prius

Black Sheep

Framestore Pictures

Commercial Coordinator

Mark Wahlberg

Wrestlemania 38

Production Central Services

Commercial Coordinator


Fifa World Cup 2022


Commercial Coordinator

ArtClass Content

Feature Film - Production Coordinator

Reggie Bush



Commercial Coordinator

Click Up

Before Clickup

ArtClass Content

Commercial Coordinator

Janaya Future Khan

FM Broadcast with Nike Ep. 4


Commercial Coordinator

Red Hot Chili Peppers

These Are The Ways

Production Coordinator

Keegan-Michael Key


ArtClass Content

Commercial Coordinator

Modern Scribble Oblong

About Selena Encinas

I am born and raised in Long Beach, CA. I stumbled upon this industry 4 years ago from a friend who gave me an opportunity to office PA for Tool of North America and have been in the film industry ever since. I worked as an Office PA for a year and met a Line Producer who was looking for a new team & gave me the opportunity to become a Commercial Coordinator. Ever since I have grown into this role I have met great people and have made connections on every job I’ve worked on. That includes offers from agencies on their in-house projects and being recruited by production companies to assist the EP's on new projects coming in; Line Producing on small in-house projects. I fell in love with the industry and what I do. I wish to continue my journey in production with the expectation of reaching my goal of becoming one of the go-to Producer's in Los Angeles. Eventually reaching for the stars of becoming an Executive Producer.

When I am not working I like to spend my time viewing art & being outdoors.

Reach out if you want to create impactful visual art together.

Modern Scribble Oblong
Mail Envelope Illustration